Fat Morgana Records is an independent record label, production company, and artist consulting service in Austin, TX. Our innovative approach to aiding artists build a career in music allows the artist to self-sustain by maximizing their range of talents. 

Stay true to yourself, be independent, earn a living from your passion.


After acquiring her sister's record label in 2017, Alexia decided to incorporate music production as well as an artist consulting service. The inspiration comes from her family’s philosophy of an independent, diy-approach to create a long lasting career in the music industry with your original music. With the help of a versatile and ambitious team of music industry professionals she set out to support other artists who are trying to leave a long lasting mark in the music industry, while making a living off of their passion.

We encourage the artist to use their talents and musical skills to create funds that will support their ultimate vision and artistry. At the same time our in-house equipment allows easy access to resources needed to further the artists’ career. 

Fat Morgana Records is equipped with a mobile recording studio and cooperates with professional musicians, engineers, producers, and writers to produce demos, live recordings, albums, and licensing catalogues. FMR also helps with social media and marketing strategies, managerial decisions, and career planning.

We’re also proud to present our first two artists The Nikis and Matt Skinner. They are currently working on an acoustic EP together and you can catch all of them playing in the Austin area.